Southern California 2014


Twenty people traveled to San Diego for a nine day birding marathon that went from the sea to the desert to the mountains. We all arrived in San Diego and met at the Dolphin Motel, just a few steps from the harbor. The next day we took a pelagic trip with the Point Loma Sportfisheries. Then we traveled west to the Salton Sea for two nights. Next we headed north to Ventura, where we visited Santa Cruz island and the unique Island Scrub Jays. We then ventured further north to Mount Pinos. Then it was back to San Diego for the conclusion to the trip.

Participants: Doris Burnett, Dennice Craig, Sharon Dilks, Tom Ewert, Gregg Friesen, Matt & Jenny Gearheart, Kevin Groeneweg, Karl & Mary Herrold, Pete Janzen, Dan Kilby Sr & Dan Kilby Jr, Terry & Sam Mannell, Patty & Jim Marlett, Ernie Misek, Sandra Tholen, Rod Wedel

Photo credits: DC, Dennice Craig; KG, Kevin Groeneweg; PJ, Pete Janzen; JM, Jim Marlett; PM, Patty Marlett; RW, Rod Wedel.

September 20 - 28, 2014