Rio Grande Valley 2009
Wichita Audubon Society Extended Field Trip Feb. 21 - Feb. 27, 2009.
Twenty three birders went on the Wichita Audubon extended field trip to the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  Many rode down on the two 15-passenger vans we rented.  We left on Saturday, February 21, with a stop at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma in search of the Yellow-billed Loon being seen there, but the wind and cold temperatures sent us in search of warmer weather farther south. On Sunday we had our first taste of the birds of south Texas with a stop at Lake Alice.  Anhingas, Green Jays, Tropical and Couch’s Kingbirds gave us a good warm-up for things to come.  We continued on to our destination of Weslaco, searching in vain for Masked Ducks along the way.  While we were waiting for Red-crowned Parrots to show up in town, it was great to meet up with long-time members Cliff and Nadine Miller, who are currently enjoying the RV lifestyle in the valley.