Florida 2010


The extended field trip this year was our most ambitious yet – South Florida and the Dry Tortugas.  23 people made the journey for some fun in the sun, although there was some nasty weather across the south that we needed to endure first.  Everyone made it into Fort Lauderdale okay and we gathered on Sunday evening to go over the itinerary.

Participants: Renee Baade, Joyce Davis, Jane & Dean Edson, Kevin & Laura Groeneweg, John Hartley, Mike Heaney, Pete Janzen, Larry Londagin, Jim & Patty Marlett, Cheryl Miller, Atcha Nolan, Dale Randall, Sharon Scheffler, Eddie & Savilla Stegall, Bill Sutton, Don Tan, Sandra Tholen, Rod Wedel, Lisa Weeks

Pictures by Renee Baade, Kevin Groeneweg, Pete Janzen, Cheryl Miller, Patty & Jim Marlett 

Wichita Audubon Society Field Trip April 26-30