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The Wichita Animal Control Advisory Board is recommending changes to the current city ordinances that would institute Trap-Neuter-Reslease (TNR) policies. The board of the Wichita Audubon Society is opposed to these changes. Below are a number of documents and references on the subject.

Proposed Wichita Ordinance There are frequent modifications to the ordinance. Scroll down the page to the section 'Animal Control Advisory Board' and select 'Category: Agenda'. It will be titled TNR update. This ordinance is likely to be presented to the police department by January, 2019. It will then go to the District Advisory Boards, and then to the City Council.

Position of the Wichita Audubon Society Board of Directors


Some references for conflict between Cats and Wildlife

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Confrontation of claims of denial and misinformation

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Alternative Cat Programs

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Palm Coast Florida rewrites cat rules

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